Attractor Mind Machine

Advanced Binaural Wave Generator for iPhone


Attractor uses the Theta state to access your subconscious mind. It is an advanced Dynamic Binaural Wave Generator for iPhone that combines technology from expensive Light and Sound Mind Machines with a custom Inception Messaging System to incubate your 'own' suggestions into your subconscious mind. It will also help you meditate with precision or put you to sleep quickly.


Attractor uses sound technology with specific use of a custom frequency generator to help you reach any state of mind you want very quickly and effectively. It can help you fall asleep, meditate or facilitate inception of an idea into your mind or subconsciousness. The challenge we all face is that our thoughts are filtered out or given strength by our subconscious beliefs, which is the root cause of everything we experience in our lives. You may have tried affirmations in the past but they simply do not work since they are practiced on the conscious plane. There is a state of consciousness called the 'hypnagogic' state, the point we cross just before we fall asleep, the ancient shamans called it the gateway to the soul. Attractor facilitates taking your mind to this state and 'maintain' you there for your recorded inception messages to take effect. Attractor is a very advanced, intuitive and highly customizable tool, it help you achieve anything you want.


The hypnagogic state is reached while in Theta state, which is your mind’s most receptive state of influence. Attractor uses three audio and one visual layer to entrain and slow down your mind’s vibration. The first audio layer uses specially designed and fully customizable binaural beats which are comfortable and effective. This layer introduces separate frequencies into each ear which induces the mind to create a beat between your ears, this beat will then slowly ‘entrain’ your mind’s vibration to the artificially emitted frequency. The second audio layer gives you the option between four distinct ambient sounds. This layer contributes to relaxing your mind and provides continuity to the experience. In the third layer you will record a message you wish to implant into your subconscious. Depending on the selected entrainment style, this message will be repeated to you at the right time when your mind has reached your target frequency of influence. The visual layer will assist you in the entrainment process by strobing the screen with a vibration in sync with the audio frequency.
Every aspect of the system is customizable to your specific needs providing you maximum flexibility.

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Attractor will change your belief system on a deep subconscious level. It will help you with learning new skills and also get you a good night sleep.

Dynamic Wave Generator

Fully adjustable and dynamic Start and Target Binaural Wave Generator from 1Hz to 34Hz.


Visual strobe in SYNC with the changing frequency waves.

Voice Recorder

Voice recording of messages for inception into your subconsciousness and dreams.

Audio Mixer

Adjust individual volumes of each audio layer even when you're in session.

Multiple Modality

4 unique entrainment modes to choose from, wake up, meditate, maintain and sleep.


Real time monitoring of frequency changes.

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